Having been in business for 21 years, I still have an enormous passion for what I do. I love helping men and women of all ages, who want…

  • skin that is radiant and youthful
  • to keep their body and immune system healthy
  • to improve their quality of life


I can help you…

  • select the right skincare regime that will work for you
  • use our at Home Beauty Devices that will save you time and money
  • choose health products that will support your immune system
  • use the 24/7 ordering and home delivery options
  • develop an additional income to improve your quality of life.


My Mission Statement in life and business is to –  Promote Harmony-Maintain Integrity- Develop Potential Partners-Contribute to Society.

I love dealing with Sylvia and most importantly I love the Nu-Skin sunscreen which I use when I am playing bowls. It's easy to apply and not greasy at all and protects me all game long!!!

Brenton Rolton

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